Saturday, August 24, 2019

Greetings from the Waunakee Public Library

The front of the building

Photos and video by Retiring Guy

From a blighted site arises a community ‘gem’ in Waunakee.  (Waunakee Tribune, 7/25/2019)
Next week, as the Waunakee area celebrates the opening of the new public library, it will mark the end of a nearly 15-year process that hit several road bumps along the way. 
This chapter in Waunakee’s history involved nearly 500 Waunakee area residents and those hired to work on the project, all who helped see the project to fruition. 
But according to one library board and village board member, the long timeline may have benefited the project overall. 
“The time it took was a benefit to the library,” said Village Trustee Gary Herzberg. “It gave village board members a better understanding of the library and the needs.”

 Main entrance

Two views just inside the vestibule

History Hallway leading to Community Room

A peek into the Community Room.  (Note the outdoor seating.)

Self-check station and hold shelves

Children's collection

Family study rooms

A peek into the storytime room 

Upper level.  Fireplace and reading spaces ("The Nook" and "The Overlook")

View of "The Nook" and "The Overlook" from next to the fireplace 

View from "The Overlook" to opposite end of upper level

Adult nonfiction collection

1 of 7 study rooms on upper level

Young adult area

View on upper level from north end of building to south

Green roof


View from the overflow parking lot

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