Friday, January 4, 2019

Disappearing U.S. city of the day: Gary, Indiana

Gary's population peaked in 1960 at 178,320.  Its 2017 estimated population is 76,008 -- a drop of 102,312, or 57.4%.

Source:  Wikipedia

African-Americans comprised 29.3% of Gary's population in 1950.

Related reading: 
White flight followed factory jobs out of Gary, Indiana. Black people didn't have a choice.  (The Guardian, 3/28/2017)
Gary, Indiana, is dying. It’s a city built around a manufacturing industry mostly gone. The death isn’t complete; there are still a few factories and a few neighborhoods with nice, small homes. Other parts are only slightly scarred, with boarded-up or burned-down houses sandwiched tightly between well-kept homes. Some parts are just dead: overgrown streets lined by empty lots and broken buildings.

No city is an island.  Gary is considered a part of the Chicago metropolitan area.

The disappearing cities:
Baltimore, Maryland.  (12/31/2018)
Cleveland, Ohio (1/2/2018)
Detroit, Michigan.  (1/1/2019)
St. Louis, Missouri.  (1/2/2019)

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