Monday, January 14, 2019

Disappearing U.S. city of the day: Scranton, Pennnsylvania

Scranton, in north-eastern Pennsylvania, has long been synonymous with industrial decline. A former big coal centre, it saw its main industries weaken or leave altogether over the past 50 years. Since the 1930s its population has fallen by almost half, to 76,000. Now it is also a byword for fiscal strife. Its pension funds are severely underfunded. Its budget deficit approaches $17m. Last month capital markets froze the city’s borrowing after its parking authority was late with a city-guaranteed $1m bond payment.

Source:  Wikipedia

Scranton's population peaked at 143,433 in 1920.  Its 2017 estimated population is 77,291 -- a drop of 66,142, or 46%.

Scranton is located in Lackawanna County.  The county's population peaked at 310,297 in 1930.  Its 2017 estimated population is 210,761, a drop of 32%.  

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