Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Yeah, this guy probably doesn't need this truck

Photos by Retiring Guy

Need a pickup truck? Nah, not really. (Automotive News, 11/30/2009)
This consumer -- probably a guy, so let's call him "he" -- owns a full-sized crew cab pickup. He uses it for daily driving, like commuting and family-hauling. 
He likes the down-to-earth truck styling and high seating position. The cushy interior and sound system are pretty nice, too. But gasoline prices are pinching him. 
He keeps thinking he might need the pickup to move a couch someday. But in fact he rarely, if ever, pulls a heavy trailer or loads the bed with bulky cargo. 
And his next vehicle won't be a pickup.

( 9 years later.)  Maybe yes, maybe no.
Source:  Cars on pace to hit 60-year low.  (Automotive News, 7/2/2018)

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