Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dear border wall nuts in Florida, You'd be much better off putting your money towards your own state's infrastructure

Complete with photoshopped pic of Trump.  Heavily promoted by Fox News.

GoFundMe campaign for border wall raises $1 million and counting toward $1 billion goal.  (USA Today, 12/19/2018)
More than 16,000 people have pledged donations to the campaign created Sunday by a "fundraising team" in Miramar, Florida, according to the campaign page. Its initial goal of $200 million has been bumped to $1 billion.

Especially along coastal areas
Florida’s economy relies heavily on its 825 miles of sandy beaches, the state’s “invisible” coastal infrastructure that protects Florida’s communities from storm damage. Florida beaches are also significant to the economy as the number of beachgoers yearly is more than double the number of visitors to all U.S. parks combined. Unfortunately, nearly 61% of Florida’s sandy beaches (503.8 miles) are eroding. 
More than half of Florida’s stormwater entities revealed an inability to address all capital improvement needs, and only 1 in 4 stormwater utilities stated that today’s operation and maintenance capabilities were adequate only to meet the most urgent needs.
School facilities
Florida’s 67 school districts have 2,999 schools with over 3.2 million students. The average age of Florida’s schools is 29 years, which is 3 years older than reported in the 2012 Report Card. The average annual growth rate of Florida’s student population over the last 25 years has been 3.91%, but that growth is not uniform across the counties meaning there may not be seats for students in the fastest growing areas like Central Florida’s Lake and Orange Counties.

Building a border wall is just another boogying our way to doomsday activity.

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