Friday, February 15, 2019

UPDATE The Wisconsin State Assembly says goodbye to Keith Best

Source:  LinkedIn

GOP aide leaves job after Twitter flap about Colin Kaepernick and black history.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/14/2019)
"Keith Best is no longer an employee of the state Assembly," Beyer said by email. "He elected to retire following the representative’s concerns over his unauthorized tweet." Best was paid $52,000 a year before he relinquished his job. He had worked for the Assembly for four years, according to Assembly Chief Clerk Patrick Fuller.
Apparently, there are no plans for a retirement party.

2/13/2019 update, "The company she keeps:  GOP Rep. Barbara Dittrich and office staff member Keith Best", starts here.

Nobody forewarned her about this clown?

Wisconsin Republican disavows tweet posted under her name criticizing Colin Kaepernick.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/12/2019)

Source:  Wisconsin State Legislature (arrow added)

Original 7/26/2018 post, "The company he keeps:  GOP Rep. Tom Weatherston and office staff member Keith Best", starts here.

Well, first of all, Tom Weatherston has just one staff member in his office.

Photo and experirence found at FoxNews 6 and LinkedIn

White Wisconsin lawmaker deletes tweet described as racist.  (WEAU, 7/25/2018)

Reported in WI GOP Vice Chairman Keith Best: 'GOP Reward Men Who Sexually Assault Women As Motivator'.  (Daily Kos, 4/4/2014).  Not Retiring Guy's emphasis.

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