Saturday, February 16, 2019

UPDATE. 2018 revised book sales report

US trade segment increased by 4.6% in 2018.  (Books + Publishing, 2/14/2019)
The StatShot Annual Report is a yearly statistical survey of publishing’s estimated size and scope. It uses yearly sales data from 1375 publishers, and makes estimates for publishers who don’t participate based on company financial reports, government filings and other third-party sources. 
The AAP will release final figures later this year, which will include sales estimates from publishers that don’t report to the AAP.

2/1/2019 update starts here.

Ebook and downloaded audiobooks to be added when figures become available.

Print Unit Sales Increased 1.3% in 2018.  (Publishers Weekly, 1/4/2019)
Unit sales of print books rose 1.3% in 2018 over 2017 at outlets that report to NPD BookScan. According to BookScan, which tracks 80% to 85% of print sales, units topped 695 million in the 52-week period ended December 29 compared to 686.9 million in 2017. 
Print book sales have been trending upward, albeit at a slow pace, since 2013. The modest 2018 gain was driven by the adult nonfiction segment. Not only did political books pile up big sales last year, but Michelle Obama’s Becoming was 2018’s runaway bestseller, selling 3.4 million copies at outlets that report to BookScan.

10/31/2018 update starts here.

Print Unit Sales Up in 2018 to Date.  (Publsihers Weekly, 10/8/2018)
Hardcover and Paperback book sales increase at the expense of ebooks.  (Good eReader, 10/30/2018)

9/8/2018 update, "Midyear book sales report",  starts here.

Industry Sales Dipped 1.4% in First Half of 2018.  (Publishers Weekly, 9/7/2018)

6/4/2018 update starts here.

Ebook sales decline 3% in first four months of 2018.  (Good eReader, 7/27/2018)

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eBook sales continue to decline in first three months of 2018.  (Good eReader, 5/25/2018)
Trade Segments Post Solid First Quarter Gains.  (Publisherss Weekly, 5/29/2018)

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