Sunday, February 10, 2019

GET ME REWRITE UPDATE. Alliance Defending Religious Bigotry and Homophobia is in the news again

Reported in Arizona's 'In God We Trust' license plates fund anti-LGBT group; lawmaker wants to put a stop to it.  (USA Today, 2/9/2019)

ADF frothing at the mouth:

  1. The Homosexual Agenda Marches Steadily Forward
  2. Left vs. Right:  How Those Promoting the Homosexual Agenda Are Undermining Parental Rights
  3. The Bully Market:  How Homosexual Advocacy Sells Their Agenda
  4. Secretary of State Says Homosexual Behavior Trumps Religious Freedom
  5. More Proof:  Homosexual Agenda Clashes with Religious Freedom
  6. Senate Votes to Impose Homosexual Behavior in the Military

Lots more fear and loathing at ADF.  Sounds to me like they want us to live peacefully with their narrow beliefs.

5/10/2018 update, "WI Attorney General Brad Schimel feels it in his fingers, feels in it in his toes", starts here.

The Wisconsin connection

Quoted in Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel defends trip to anti-gay group's conference.  (, 5/10/2018)

The Troggs' second of two top 10 singles, "Love Is All Around" debuted at #98 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending Feburary 24, 1968.  It spent 16 weeks on the chart, peaking at #7

Original 5/9/2018 post, "In the name of the First Amendent, the Alliance Defending Freedom promotes it program of hate, bigotry, and discrimination", starts here.

And Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel approves their message.

Democrats rip Brad Schimel for going to anti-gay group's forum.  (Wisconsin State Journal,  5/9/2018)

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