Friday, February 15, 2019

In the news: Wisconsin's Port Washington High School

Source:  U.S. News (Port Washington, Nicolet), U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts

Port Washington apologizes for students' use of controversial photo used to taunt Nicolet star Jalen Johnson.  (Miwlaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/14/2019)
During a boys basketball game Wednesday, dozens of Port Washington High School students held a photocopied image of Nicolet standout Jalen Johnson that made it appear he was wearing blackface. 
Later Thursday the Port Washington school district issued a statement in which Burke furthered expressed "strong disappointment" in the incident. He also said one student had been suspended for his role. Burke also expressed disappointment that a parent had been involved in the printing of the signs.

Trump won 52.4% of the vote in Port Washington in 2016 compared with Hillary Clinton's 42%, compared to 55.8% vs. 37% in all of Ozaukee County.

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