Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump team will likely find a way to blame Obama for disappointing March jobs report

The Hill, 2/3/2017
The White House is taking credit for January’s robust jobs report, saying that companies ramped up hiring amid optimism that President Trump would be more friendly to businesses than President Obama. 
The economy added 227,000 new jobs in January, far greater than the 175,000 jobs economists had expected.

The February report
The White House celebrated Friday’s job numbers, which exceeded expectations and were the first to be released under President Trump’s watch. “Great news for American workers: economy added 235,000 new jobs, unemployment rate drops to 4.7% in first report for @POTUS Trump,” press secretary Sean Spicer said on Twitter, citing Friday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics figures.

It's gonna be hard for Trump's budget director (and former Freedom Caucus member) Mick Mulvaney to pour this glass of whine again.

CNN Money, 3/12/2017

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