Monday, April 3, 2017

Donald Trump declares war on Freedom Caucus: The Louie Gohmert edition

Source:  Ballotpedia

Source:   govtrack

Trump won 72.2% of the vote in Texas' 8th Congressional District.  Slight advantage Gohmert. 

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House conservatives call Trump an ungrateful bully after threat to unseat them in 2018.  (Dallas News, 3/30/2017)
Rep. Louie Gohmert of Tyler, a staunch Trump defender last fall and in the past week, objected strongly to the president "demonizing" allies — friends who "were very vociferous in defending him in October when all of the Republican elected leaders in the House were abandoning him." "If he weakens and hurts those who stood with him when our leadership was coming after him and abandoning him, we may not be around to help him during the future assaults," Gohmert said.

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