Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama: Cops swarm Elks Lodge before ZZ Top tribute concert gets underway

From Retiring Guy's postcard collection

Reported in 2 men arrested for holding drinking party for over 50 juveniles.  (, 4/3/2017)

The Exalted Ruler is not pleased.


Elks Lodge on Dauphin Island Parkway

UPDATE.  It gets better for Alfred and Vincent but worse for the parents of the underaged drinkers.  The mission statement, as applied to this lodge, remains nothing more than a scrap of paper.

Follow up: open house party charges against Elks Lodge workers will be dropped.  (, 4/4/2017)
District Attorney Ashley Rich says Nix and Lyons did not furnish the alcohol and did not plan or participate in the high school fraternity party. They were workers, one a janitor, who happened to be there. Rich says the real problem is the parents who support and allow underage drinking.

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