Sunday, June 26, 2016

Duey Stroebel, the most dangerous man in the Wisconsin state senate, has his pants on fire

As reported in $100k a year for road flaggers? Not quite, say laborers, public data.  (, 6/25/2016)
FTE salary (2080 hours) = $56,784.  The $32,760 salary estimate cited above is based on a 1,200-hour work year and a prevailing wage rate of $27.30 for a highway flagger in Dane County.

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3 Most Dangerous Jobs in a Work Zone.  (Royal Truck and Equipment, 10/28/2015)
  1. Flagger
  2. Truck-mounted attenuateor driver
  3.  Construction worker

ODOT: Roadwork ‘most dangerous job in America’.  (KOIN, 5/7/2015)

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