Wednesday, June 29, 2016

UPDATE: Permanently Occupied Driveway Storage, nearly 2 years later

Photo by Retiring Guy

I suppose this language from chapter 10 [Accessory Occupancies; Special Standards] of the Middleton City Ordinances applies.  I'll have to ask Mark Opitz the next time I see him.

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Neighbors fight a POD invasion.  (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/2007)
Old news in some localities.  It's the homeowner's responsibility to comply with regulations about container placement. You're less likely to owe fees if you can place the container in your driveway or the back of the house. But even if it's in a driveway, some jurisdictions balk if the box remains for more than a month.
Moving storage PODS overstaying their welcome irk neighbors.  (New York Daily News,
"We have people who have had pods in front of their homes for at least 2-1/2 to three years," said Anthony Benfatti, a board member of the civic group.

Photo posted on 9/18/2014
Photo by Retiring Guy

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