Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UPDATE. Sorry, Tim Geoghegan, a total of $11,750 in donations is not a "bunch of bull"

Here's an example of why Wisconsin Republicans want to make the change as blared in the following headline:

It's called pay to play.

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Not to mention the $36,950 of Yahara moola that has gone mostly into the campaign coffers of Republicans.

Of late, though, it's all red.

New Albion quarry draws highway safety concerns.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/22/2015)

It's called 'pay to play'.
Johnson also said that some DOT officials might have been swayed toward granting Yahara Materials access to the highway after the company wrote a $5,000 check to Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign last July. According to website documents, it’s the largest check Yahara Materials has written for the Walker campaign. The previous largest was $1,000.  [emphasis added]

“Well, that is a bunch of bull,” Geoghegan said.

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