Monday, December 29, 2014

Robots as Camel Jockeys

Sprinting Over the Dirt, With a Robot on the Hump.   Camel Racing Blends Centuries-Old Traditions and Modern Technology.   (The New York Times, 12/26/2014)
Sports are important in this region, both in the U.A.E. — where big-money sponsorships and high-end events happen in everything from cricket and soccer to rugby and golf — and in other countries, like Qatar, which will host the 2019 track and field world championships and the 2022 World Cup. Yet while much of the action here is geared toward outsiders, there is at least one aspect of sporting life that remains primarily a locals’ game. 

Camel racing, in one form or another, has been part of Arabian culture for generations, with some historians tracing races to the seventh century. Camels are viewed as magnificent creatures here — there are even camel beauty pageants — and racing is seen as a unifying activity, a sport that brings together people of all backgrounds, whether royals or paupers, businessmen or laborers.

This video is from 2007.

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