Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Scott Walker Get Instructively Defensive When Asked About Right-to-Work Legislation

Walker still noncommittal on right-to-work, other issues.  (Capital Times, 12/30/2014)

1,000 bills?   Not likely, based on the previous legislative session.

Here's a recent report (the week of December 22, 2014) from the Legislative Reference Bureau.
The Legislature is not expected to return to business until the new session begins in January 2015.

The Legislature concluded the last general-business floorperiod for the 2013-14 session on April 1. Governor Walker signed 380 bills into law during the 2013-14 Session, four of which were vetoed in part. One bill was fully vetoed. All bills passed by the Legislature have been acted on by the governor.  (emphasis added)

Here's a partial list of those bills Walker signed in 2013-14 that he conflates with right-to-work legislation:
  • Relating to: alcohol sale, possession, and consumption at Peninsula State Park
  • Relating to: the vehicle registration exemption for amphibious motor vehicles
  • Relating to: operation of certain existing sport shooting ranges
  • Relating to: payment of county medical examiners and medical examiner's assistants
  • Relating to: the definition of intoxicant
  • Relating to: the regulation of oleoresin of capsicum in containers sold in this state
  • Relating to: warning lights on police vehicles
  • Relating to: warning lights on school buses 

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