Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scott Walker Toots the Horn of Success

Quote citation.  Exclusive interview: Gov. Scott Walker's limited government pragmatism. (Washington Examiner, 3/24/2014)



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The Debtor Governor.  (Urban Milwaukee, 9/10/2013)

One of Walker's priorities in his 2011-13 budget.  Wisconsin reduced state aid designed to equalize funding across school districts by $740 million over the coming two-year budget cycle, a cut of 8 percent. The budget also reduces K–12 funds for services for at-risk children, school nursing, and alternative education.

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Cash-strapped Wisconsin school district brace for Walker's second budget proposal.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/27/2013)

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Anonymous said...

To be fair we should ignore that North Dakota chart since the oil boom and a small population really jerk the percentages higher.

To still be fair we only have to look at all those other states in comparison to see his success at failure.