Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If Preservation was the Goal, Then I Guess It Was All Worth It


Big Money Flows in New Jersey Races to Thwart Christie Agenda. (The New York Times, 11/4/2013)

Excerpt:   The effort, designed to preserve Democrats’ dominance of the State Legislature and complicate Mr. Christie’s plans to build a record of legislative achievement as he considers a presidential bid in 2016, has inundated some legislative districts with millions of dollars in negative ads on a scale never before seen in New Jersey.

What was the outcome?

The Democrats preserved their their 8-seat majority in the State Senate.

And Stephen M. Sweeney probably enjoyed a restful night's sleep:     But because several Democratic senators routinely vote with the governor, party leaders are concerned that a shift of just a few seats could give him a governing majority in the upper chamber.

On the other hand, Democrats lost 2 seats in the Assembly, although they still have a solid, if not dominating, majority.

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