Sunday, August 25, 2013

36 Hours in Izmir, Turkey: The Armchair Traveler Edition

36 Hours.  Izmire, Turkey.  (The New York Times, 8/21/2013)

Friday, 4 p.m.  Bay City Strollers  (Kordon, a seaside promenade)

6 p.m.  Pier Review  (Konak Pier, a long wharf of stone buildings and glass and steel coverings.)

8 p.m.  Ship to Shore.  Konak ferry from Izmir to Bostanli landing.

9 p.m.  A Meal Aquatic.  Marva Restaurant.

Saturday, 10 a.m.    The Two Towers.  Clock Tower, Konak Square.

11 a.m.  Bazaar Sensations.  Kemeralti.

1 p.m. Atmospheric Lunch.  Cin Ali restaurant.

2 p.m.  Houses of Worship.  Hisar Mosque.

4 p.m.  Confronting the Past.  Izmir Archeology Museum.

8 p.m.  Minor Miracles.  Tavaci Recep Usta. 

11 p.m.  Nocturnal Diversions.    (No mention of this nocturnal diversion.)

Sunday, 9 a.,m.  Time Travel.  Ephesus, a 2-hour bus ride from Izmir.

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