Friday, March 15, 2013

Active Shooter In (or in the Vicinity of) the Library

What are your library's policy and procedures?

Quiet of Herkimer library shattered by lockdown, gunshots. (Syracuse Post-Standard, 3/13/2013)

Tenants forced to evacuate their apartments went to the nearby public library for shelter. A few hours later, police told library staff to evacuate the library, or, as I actually translate it after reading the entire article, police allowed those who wished to leave the library to do so.

Next-to-last paragraph of article:   After the library locked down, staff members and about a dozen patrons watched through the windows as the police gathered. Others followed reports of the action on the library computers.

If an active shooter was still in the area, I hope they were looking through the windows at a distance.

Active Shooter in the Library:  How to Plan for, Prevent, and Survive the Worst.  By Amy Kautzman.  Library Leadership & Management.

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