Monday, July 9, 2012

Van Gogh Windows @ the Ripon Public Library

Photo credit:  Shared by Desiree Bongers

Desiree Bongers, Director of the Ripon Public Library, notes that this is Ripon’s first attempt at painting the windows of its entrance, and we have been very happy with the results and received many compliments. It’s based on Van Gogh, keeping with the SRP theme for this year.

And in response to my question, "How long will the windows remain painted?"

It’ll remain painted at least through the end of July, when our summer reading program ends. It worked out so well that we hope to make it at least an annual event – depending on how the clean up goes! J  The only problem we’ve had is that those windows get hours of direct sunlight each day, causing the paint to become brittle and in a few areas small pieces have begun to flake off.

The "winged" entrance to the library

A timeline of the history of the Ripon Public Library goes back to 1880 and includes a PDF of this document, which is classified under the subject heading of Stuff I Love to Stumble Upon.

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Hat tip to Desiree.

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