Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Visit to Barnes & Noble

Nook at its core.

Wouldn't you rather read a Nook?

New cookbooks are prominently, attractively displayed.

Toys and games are given more floor space

Thematic display

Used book wasteland

Children's area looks much the same.

OK, so where did all the upholstered chairs go?

Need more evidence that people aren't buying CDs?
The incredibly shrinking Rock/Pop section

Still a lot of floor space given over to DVDs.

I've never understood why people buy audiobooks.

Surprisingly, the busiest section of the store.
Had trouble finding an unobstructed view,
i..e, no people in the picture.  
I'm sure some people were thinking, 
Why does this guy with a camera keep wandering around?

Time to leave.
Without making a purchase.

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