Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2013 Municipal Budget Preview: Madison, Wisconsin

No, not in a metaphorical mood.
Progress pic taken Monday, July 9.

Soglin asks city managers for 5 percent cuts in budget. (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/10/2012)

What's needed in 2013?


An increase of $18,700,000 over the 2012 budget in order to cover.....
  • Continuing costs
  • One-time commitments
  • Rising debt costs

Excerpt: The city can raise property taxes up to $8.7 million under the state's new levy cap, which would mean a maximum 3.47 percent boost in taxes on the average $232,024 home. 

That would leave a $10 million budget gap, and to cover it, Soglin wants agencies — including the police and fire departments — to draft budgets with 5 percent cuts, which if applied across the board could save perhaps $10 million or more.

Departmental budget requests are due August 6.

Starring the Madison Public Library.

Hey, let me know if the Madison Public Library is not the upper-left, star performer -- just like in the movies -- when you read this post.

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