Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Madison Public Central Library: Work in Progress

View of roof/site

From a different angle, obviously.  I left my jet pack at home.

Retiring Guy @ the top of Overture Center parking ramp

In the above view, Approach from Henry Street,  the building in the left center background is, as far as I know, a figment of someone's imagination.   (Use Google Maps to search 109 West Mifflin Street and see a street view of the one-story, four-unit, terra-cotta building currently at this location.)

Retiring Guy @ intersection of W. Mifflin & N. Henry

Bonus round
Hat tip to Carol Froistad for this photo.

Mifflin Street Elevation

Retiring Guy @ intersection of W. Mifflin and N. Fairchild

Fairchild Street Elevation

Floor plans:  Lower, first, second, third.

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