Sunday, November 13, 2011

Retiring Guy Takes a Last Look at the 60s-Era Madison Central Library

The Madison  Central Library closed to the public on November 11 and will open in an interim location at 126 S. Hamilton St. in early December.   A new Central Library is expected to open in the summer of 2013.

Here's a visual record of my final walk-through.

Banner at main entrance.

Public entrance.

No entry, please.

If nothing else, Barb, please make sure that Institutional Green, which I'll blame for the photo's fuzziness, is not part of the interior design color palette.

Peering over some reference books.

Getting a head start on moving the periodicals collection.

Peering over the CD collection.

Making an association.  (At the entrance to the Fiction/Audio Books Department.)

On the second floor, in front of one of the meeting room entrances.

The Friends Store.

Descending the stairs.

Another exterior view.  (I attended numerous meetings 1n the second floor conference room.)

The "push-out" brick design.

At the corner of West Mifflin and North Henry.

All pictures taken by Retiring Guy on 11/11/11.

Now we have this to look forward to.

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