Friday, June 29, 2012

Attention Employers: This is What the Texas GOP Does NOT Want to Teach Students

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Against all evidence.....

Learn to think if you want to get hired.  (USA Today, 6/9/2012)

Excerpt:   By far, aside from particular technical skills, what employers want most are people who can think clearly and critically, who know themselves, who have the ability to listen to others and interact respectfully.

Employers look for communication, critical thinking skills.  (The Economic Times, 2/25/2011)

Employers seek well-spoken, problem-solving grads.  (The Oregonian, 1/19/2010)

Excerpt:  What do employers want from a college graduate? 

Topping their list are skills in writing and speaking. 

Number 2: Critical thinking and analytic reasoning. 

Those are followed by abilities to solve complex problems, make ethical decisions and work in teams.

Brainstorm: Employers want 18th Century Skills. (Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/9/2010) 

Excerpt: “Employers believe that colleges can best prepare graduates for long-term career success by helping them develop both a broad range of skills and knowledge and in-depth skills and knowledge in a specific field or major.” Note the general knowledge request. 

Finally, when it came time to identify the most common skill or knowledge cited by employers as needed in the post-downturn, globalized, 21st-century universe, what came up first was a basic, longstanding skill: “The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.” Eighty-nine percent of employers highlighted it; “critical thinking” and “analytical reasoning” came in second at 81 percent.  [Emphasis added.]

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