Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Provides Official June Recall Vote Tally

Recall turnout June 5: high in most places, insanely high in some. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/28/2012)

Excerpt:   According to the now official tally, Republican Gov. Scott Walker got 53.08% (1,335,585 votes) and Democrat Tom Barrett got 46.28% (1,164,480 votes). 

A total of 2,516,065 votes were cast. 

The heavily Republican counties outside Milwaukee boasted the highest turnout rates, as is often the case in statewide elections. 

But some Democratic areas also generated unusual turnouts. The city of Milwaukee’s turnout was lower than the statewide average. But it was far higher than it has been in recent contests for governor. 

These were the top five counties for turnout.

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