Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cambridge Community Library Board Discusses Expansion Plans with Village Board

Cambridge Village Board discusses library expansion. (Cambridge News, 5/2/2012)

Excerpt: As the community and economy continues to develop in the village, new and continuing projects meant to better the village are happening every day. 

At this meeting, the library board was present to discuss their plans for a library expansion. Director Joan Behm and trustee Mary Gjermo were in attendance to present to the board. 

The library has been in existence since 1978, has been funded by the village and Jefferson County, and they have been in their current location since 1990. 

They do also receive reimbursements for users from other municipalities through the inter-library sharing program. 

The current plan is to build an addition onto the Amundson Center and utilize the space behind the building. 

It was stated by the board that it is important for Cambridge to sustain and update the library. 

During this current economy, there is more use of the facility for public and business use and increased diversity of its offerings is essential.

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