Thursday, June 9, 2011

Challenges of Joint Library Funding and Governance

Library hires consultant to address issues. (Hudson Star-Observer, 5/18/2011)

Excerpt:  Among the items on the table are a capital campaign for ultimately purchasing the building in which the library is located. The structure is currently owned by the city of Hudson. In addition, however, the library must find a path for raising more funds for operations and getting a “fairer” share of tax revenue.

“Right now we (the volunteer Library Board) are flying the airplane and we’re running low on fuel,” Howard said about the library’s financial situation.

The funding issue, however, is very complex. First, the library involves four municipalities (city of Hudson, village of North Hudson and the towns of Hudson and St. Joseph). That makes any decision much more difficult and efforts to increase tax funding very difficult; all four municipalities become involved in basic decisions. Secondly, regardless of where funding comes from, the library is operating far below basic funding levels.

“The Hudson Library is in the bottom 10 percent per capita of funding in the state of Wisconsin,” said Hudson Library Board Trustee Dave Smith. “I don’t believe we are a ‘bottom 10 percent’ community. Part of what the consultant will do is hopefully raise the community’s awareness level. The public has to see the situation.

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