Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interview with Hudson Mayor Dean Knudson

Link to November 11 Hudson Star-Observer article, "Mayor addresses library questions ". (You may need to register for a free account to access full article.)

Questions answered (excerpts):
1. Why was a referendum required for the 2008 proposal but not this time?
No referendum is required under this plan because municipal library support is not being increased.

2. With the current economic recession, high unemployment and weak real estate market, is this a good time to expand the library and raise taxes?
This plan does not raise taxes.

3. Will the library ever be able to expand into the entire building at 700 First St.?
When donations are sufficient, the library may purchase the building and the police department will move into a new facility.

4. Is it smart to have the police department and the library in the same building? Is it safe?
In the proposed sharing plan, the police will have a separate entrance from the parking lot, as well as private access through the underground parking. Expert analysis of this building has indicated that it is suitable for shared use.

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