Thursday, July 15, 2010

Library supporters question Pacers deal

Link to WXIN-TV report.

Excerpt: The Library Board meets Thursday night to consider budget cuts. The Capital Improvement Board meets Friday to approve the Pacers deal, which will be financed by budget reductions, increased revenue and a $27 million loan from the state. The city derives no new Conseco Fieldhouse revenue from the agreement.

"We're going to be faced with the problem of how do we repay that $27 million and where do we come up with the money after the three years period expires to continue making subsidies to the Pacers?" asked Advance Indiana blogger Gary Welch.

At Monday's announcement, Pacers CEO Jim Morris was asked if the team would consider making a charitable donation to the libraries in an attempt to offset criticism that the city's subsidy amounted to a bailout.

"Well...sure," said Morris. "You should know that he would not like me saying this but (owner) Herb Simon gave the libraries a million dollars.

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