Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Matter of Principle" Dooms New Madison Central Library

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Link to March 20 Wisconsin State Journal article, "In the wake of collapsed talks, officials back plans for a library renovation".

Excerpt:     Since talks collapsed between the city and a developer over the pricetag of a new central library, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is quickly moving to sell the public on a "state-of-the-art" renovation of the existing 45-year-old facility.

Cieslewicz is finding support for the renovation but facing criticism for not involving the City Council more in the failed negotiations when so much was at stake.
Documents released this week in response to a State Journal records request reveal theCieslewicz administration and Fiore disagreed sharply about project costs — even before the council committed to spending $37 million on the project — and who should manage construction of the core and exterior.
"There's a tremendous disappointment, not only for myself, but for many Downtown stakeholders," said Ald. Mike Verveer, 4th District, who represents the core Downtown. "I'm pretty disappointed a wider group of alders were not brought in and consulted by the mayor."

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