Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sharing a Love of Reading

Link to October 6 Fond du Lac Reporter column by David Williams, "Love of reading must be genetic".

Excerpt: Regardless of who is winning the nature-versus-nurture debate, parents will always take pride in the similarities they share with their offspring.

Whether it's a physical characteristic, like hair color or height, or an aspect of their personality, such as sense of humor or industriousness, mutual traits tighten the bond between two generations. Shared interests, in particular, increase compatibility and turn moments together into true quality time.

For example, my wife and I both have musical aptitude. On a very primal level, I'm extremely gratified that my nearly 4-year-old daughter can whistle, memorize lyrics in record time and stay on key while singing just about any tune. Likewise, it's wonderful that my son can't resist dancing to almost any melody — especially the "SpongeBob SquarePants" theme song.

But of all of the things I have in common with my kids, I'm most pleased with their interest in books.

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