Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scott Walker's Gubernatorial Campaign to Focus on Jobs, Economy

Countdown to the 2010 Wisconsin Gubernatorial Election

Link to October 6 Herald-Times-Reporter article.

Excerpt: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said Monday he's glad two-term Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle isn't seeking a third term.

"An open race for governor is better because of instead of building an indictment against the incumbent, you throw out your own ideas," said Walker, who is seeking the Republican nomination to become the state's chief executive.

Walker said his campaign, which began in April and he hopes will end in victory in November 2010, will focus on jobs and the economy.

Walker believes the fastest, most effective way to create new jobs is to cut taxes and implement regulatory and fiscal policies encouraging job growth and economic investment.

He said history has proven that when taxes are cut, consumers and investors spend more money.

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