Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sheboygan Reads 2009

Link to May 14 Sheboygan Press article, "'Sheboygan Reads 2009' selects biking memoir of Sheboygan resident Betsy Michael".

Sheboygan Reads" is presented by Mead Public Library with funding from the Mead Public Library Foundation and is co-sponsored by The Sheboygan Press.

"Sheboygan Reads" supports literacy by encouraging members of the community to read and talk about the same book. In this way, Sheboygan residents become part of a summer communitywide book club.

The first "Sheboygan Reads" program, in 2005, featured "The Breakdown Lane" by Jacquelyn Mitchard. The second, in 2007, featured two books by Michael Perry, "Population 485" and "Truck."

"Mead Public Library is very pleased to offer the work of Betsy Michael for the 2009 'Sheboygan Reads' program," said library director Sharon Winkle. "We think her expression of her experiences will be familiar and, yet, informative to her fellow Sheboygan-area residents. We appreciate the generosity of The Sheboygan Press as it participates for the third time as co-sponsor of 'Sheboygan Reads.' We celebrate with the Mead Public Library Foundation its 20th anniversary and its continuing financial sponsorship of 'Sheboygan Reads.'"

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