Wednesday, March 13, 2019

One year after top official's resignation, Federal Aviation Administration leadership is still acting

Dereliction of duty

At this point, one might assume the president would initiate a series of conversations with his FAA chief. That, however, apparently won’t happen – because Trump hasn’t nominated anyone to lead the FAA. 
The president has boasted at times about leaving many federal offices and agencies without a Senate-confirmed head, and as it turns out, if you scroll through the long list of positions, you’ll notice next to the listing for “Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration,” there are two words: “No nominee.” [emphasis added] 
Barack Obama’s FAA administrator left office over a year ago, and since then, the agency has been led by an acting director, Daniel Elwell, who took the reins in early January 2018.

Compounded by this numbskull idea

During the 2016 election campaign Dunkin flew Trump’s Boeing 757 to events across the country and coordinated the candidate’s travel schedule. He has worked as Trump’s pilot since 1989 when Trump started his own airline that then folded in 1992.

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