Friday, March 10, 2017

The news isn't Scott Pruitt's views on climate science -- they're obvious -- it's GOP orthodoxy

Mapping EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt's Many Fossil Fuel Ties.  (Desmog, 1/13/2017)

Scott Pruitt denies basic climate science. But most of the outrage is missing the point.  (Vox, 3/10/2017)
It’s not about Pruitt, it’s about the Republican Party.   My inbox is groaning with statements from previous EPA administrators, scientists, nonprofits, members of Congress, and assorted others, condemning Pruitt’s ignorance in florid terms. But they are all about what Pruitt believes. And in the end, who cares what he believes? He is a functionary, chosen in part to dismantle EPA regulations on greenhouse gases. If it weren’t him, it would be some other functionary.

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