Sunday, June 11, 2017

UPDATE. 3 months later, Mike Pence is still on the repeal Obamacare campaign trail while GOP works to make millions more uninsured

Quoted in VP Mike Pence tells Milwaukee audience Trump will end 'the Obamacare nightmare' .  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/10/2017)

“Working families in Wisconsin, who are already struggling to make ends meet, will be especially hard hit by this partisan legislation," U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) said in a statement Saturday. "Vice President Pence needs to explain to Wisconsin families why he wants Washington to make them pay more for less care and increase the number of people who are uninsured.” 
“If you are struggling with health care costs, this legislation will raise average premiums next year. If you are older, you will pay an age tax, and if you have a pre-existing condition, the guaranteed protections and care that you have today may not be there tomorrow,” Baldwin said

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3/4/2017 update starts here.

What Mike Pence did is not what Jane Blain Gilbertson said he was going to do.  Guess he missed the email.

Quoted in In Janesville, Mike Pence pledges to uphold Trump promises, repeal Affordable Care Act.  (, 3/3/2017)

Original 3/3/2017 post, "GOP donor Jane Blain Gilbertson hosts Janesville invitation-only event for Mike Pence", starts here.

Follow the money at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Vice President Mike Pence to meet with invite-only crowd Friday in Janesville.  (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 3//2017)

Robert Blain is much more generous, a total of $10,000 to Scott Walker.

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