Saturday, March 4, 2017

UPDATE. Repeal ACA campaign stop in Janesville: GOP donor gives Mike Pence a stage to bash Obamacare

What Mike Pence did is not what Jane Blain Gilbertson said he was going to do.  Guess he missed the email.

Quoted in In Janesville, Mike Pence pledges to uphold Trump promises, repeal Affordable Care Act.  (, 3/3/2017)

Original 3/3/2017 post, "GOP donor Jane Blain Gilbertson hosts Janesville invitation-only event for Mike Pence", starts here.

Follow the money at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Vice President Mike Pence to meet with invite-only crowd Friday in Janesville.  (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 3//2017)

Robert Blain is much more generous, a total of $10,000 to Scott Walker.

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