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UPDATE: Bamboozled by Mike Pence's perfectly coiffed white hair

He's definitely not!
The unpopular Mike Pence: Leader of a sad sack pack of Midwestern GOP governors.  (10/6/2016)
The doofus Mike Pence calls the deplorable David Duke 'that bad man'.  (9/14/2016)
Deplorable Mike Pence in so many words: White supremacist David Duke deserves the respect of Hillary Clinton.  (9/12/2016)
Mike Pence, GOP candidate for Vice President, is a certifed loony, folks.  (8/6/2016)
Time to bring Mike Pence up to date.  (8/2/2016)
You can see Russia from Pence campaign rally in Waukesha. (7/28/2016)
Donald Trump is feeling fantastic.  (7/16/2016)
As far as I can tell, the Indianapolis Star, Indiana's leading newspaper, has not acknowledged Periods for Pence.  (4/2/2016)
Dear Mike Pence, I believe your statement omits many of our most vulnerable.  (3/25/2016)
They don't come much more conservative than Mike Pence.   (3/30/2015)
But when asked if he would push to add sexual orientation as a protected class under Indiana's civil rights laws, this is what Governor Pence had to say.  (3/30/2015)
Meet Mike Putz, Governor of Indiana.  (3/25/2015)
Indiana Governor Mike Pence sez, Who needs libraries when we have the Internet?  (1/31/2015)

Mike Pence should dedicate this song to Donald Trump.

7/4/2016 update, "Homophobe, religious freedom nut and Indiana governor Mike Pence on Trump's veep short list", starts here.

Mike Pence on sexual equality

On the right to discriminate (a.k.a. "religious freedom")

Donald Trump and Mike Pence Meet, Spurring Running Mate Speculation.  (The New York Times, 7/2/2016)
Mr. Pence, a favorite of religious conservatives who twice considered running for president, has risen in Mr. Trump’s circles in recent days as a possible nominee. Mr. Trump’s aides have started vetting him, one of the people briefed on the matter said.

SourceVote Smart

Original 4/22/2016 post, "Donald Trump thinks Indiana GOvernor and religious freedom nut Mike Pence is 'terrific'", starts here.

Chris Christie Rejoins Donald Trump for Indiana Trip.  (Wall Street Journal, 4/20/2016)
Even billionaire businessmen have to grovel every now and then.  Mr. Pence is being courted by all three Republican candidates ahead of Indiana’s primary on May 3. Ted Cruz will meet with Mr. Pence on Thursday, and he is sit down with Ohio Gov. John Kasich next week, Ms. Brooks said.

Original 4/6/2015 post, "Mike Pence Praises Eric Miller, Advance American Lobbyist Who Pushed for Indiana's Gay Marriage Ban and Religious Freedom Restoration Act", starts here.

The Company He Keeps.  "This state owes a debt of gratitude to Eric Miller and Advance America for making this state a better place for the common sense and common values that make this state great.  Can we show him how much we appreciate this great man?"

Three of the lobbyists who pushed hardest for last year's gay marriage ban — Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana, Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute and Eric Miller of Advance America — were among the 70 to 80 guests invited to the private bill signing.

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