Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time to bring Mike Pence up to date

Reported at The Latest: Pence defends military mom's criticism of Trump.  (Madison.com, 8/2/2016)

No one is ignoring Patricia Smith; she just hasn't added anything to the discussion.  Her appearance at the RNC was another offering of raw meat for the "Lock Her Up" banshees.

Day 1 of GOP convention speeches: CNN vets the claims.  (CNN, 7/19/2016)
Smith is awarded a "false" on her claim.   Smith's blame for Clinton is not substantiated by testimony and reports investigating the run-up to the attack. 
In fact, there have been nine separate investigations into what happened at that compound. Seven have been nonpartisan; one was led by House Republicans; and one was led by the State Department. None of them have found Clinton to be at fault.  [emphasis added]
Here's the list: 
  • The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform; 
  • The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; 
  • The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; 
  • The House Committee on Foreign Affairs; 
  • The House Committee on the Judiciary; 
  • The House Committee on Armed Services; 
  • The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; 
  • The House Select Committee on Benghazi; 
  • The State Department's Accountability Review Board

Remember when then House Majority Leader outed his GOP colleagues?

And about that coverage of Patricia's speech on day 1 of the RNC.

Fox & Friends Criticizes Other Networks for Not Covering Pat Smith RNC Speech. There’s Just One Problem.  (Mediaite, 8/1/2016)
CNN covered the entirety of Smith’s speech. 
MSNBC did the same. Wanna guess who didn’t?  Fox News. 
In fact, Fox News literally cut to commercial as the speaker before Smith wrapped, and when Bill O’Reilly returned from break and she was still speaking, he conducted an interview with Donald Trump.

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