Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scott Walker sez the minimum wage is 'lame' because the Koch Brothers bible tells him so

That's where he finds his religion.

As quoted in Scott Walker calls minimum wage a 'really lame' idea from Democrats.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/14/2015)

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The Politics of Wage Suppression:  Inside ALEC’s Legislative Campaign Against Low-­‐Paid Workers.  (National Employment Law Project, February 2013)

And the work continues apace. 
Since January 201 1, legislators from 31 states have introduced 105 bills reflecting ALEC’s “model” legislation designed to suppress the wages of low -­‐ paid workers in the United States -­‐-­‐ these bills aimed to repeal state minimum wage laws, reduce minimum wage rates for youth and tipped workers, weaken overtime compensation policies, and prevent local governments from establishing living wage.

Wisconsin one of few states taking up higher education cuts.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/28/2015)

The dust has settled.
When the dust settles, Wisconsin could be looking at the largest cut in the country. The state is facing a potential $150 million cut in state funding for the UW System each of the next two years.

Greater Wisconsin Committee:  "Scott Walker cut school funding more per student than any governor in America.", Greater Wisconsin Committee claims.  (PolitiFact Wisconsin, 9/7/2014)

The claim is 'mostly true'.

Scott Walker, Puppet Man: 
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Scott Walker's puppet masters speak.  (4/21/2015)
Scott Walker: Putting the power of government into the hands of the Koch Brothers.  (2/23/2015)

ALEC goes to Wisconsin:
Get me rewrite: Wisconsin lawmakers eye ALEC model legislation to end state's prevailing wage laws.  (4/5/2015)
Why do Republicans call it 'worker freedom'? Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (3/7/2015) 
Scott Walker: Putting the power of government into the hands of the Koch Brothers.  (2/23/2015)
Since 2008 Scott Walker pledges his allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (2/21/2015) 
Why drug tests for recipients of public aid in Wisconsin?  Because the Koch Brothers say so.  (2/10/2015)
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Chris Kapenga, ALEC waterboy, is at it again. (12/11/2014)
UPDATED:  They pledge allegiance to the Koch Brothers.  (11/19/2014)
Of course, Kapenga hasn't drafted a bill; it's already been done for him.  (12/4/2014)
Here's an example of what happens when people don't pay attention.  (10/8/2014)
Speaking of plagiarism: The Kapenga Chronicles   (9/27/2014)
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More cookie-cutter legislation from ALEC.  (4/7/2013)
What the Koch Brothers left under Scott Walker's 2010 Christmas tree.  (6/19/2012)

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