Monday, November 4, 2013

[Face Slap] The Library Director's Name is Angela Creamer

See for yourself.

Definitely stuff they don't teach you in library school.

The earliest report I found uses a common euphemism for sexual intercourse.

Estancia fires assistant librarian. (Mountain View Telegraph, 10/24/2013)

Excerpt:    However, [Joseph] CampBell [Kuirz's attorney] said Kurz was fired in retaliation and in conflict with the state's whistleblower protection act. CampBell said Kurz had reported finding two town employees "in a compromising position" during work hours and on town property. Once she had reported the incident, other town employees began to harass her, CampBell said.

In this latest report, we learn that one of the town employees is Kurz's boss.

Sex in the library leads to firings: lawyer.   Librarian reported intercourse in kid's section.  (WKRQ, 11/2/2013)

Excerpt:   Kurz claims it was the town's head librarian and a maintenance worker, who told her to keep quiet. Kurz didn't, and CampBell says she reported the incident to the city library director and ultimately Estancia Mayor Sylvia Chavez herself.

The article also reports that Kurz went into work a few minutes early on this fateful day in August.

And now we have this reenactment on YouTube.

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