Thursday, October 13, 2011

Portage Library Board to Make Case for Building Expansion to Council

Library board to make case for building expansion tonight. (Portage Daily Register, 10/12/2011)

Excerpt:   Three Council members already have expressed concern about the city's ability to fund the library's request of $400,000 for an expansion, given Portage's tight budget for 2012. Ken Jahn, the mayor of Portage, said he didn't know how the Common Council ultimately would fall on the library expansion question. He expressed his own uncertainty.

"If Council feels split about it, I'm not sure which way to go," he said Monday. "My suggestion is still: Let's take it to the referendum and let the community decide."

The entire project is expected to cost more than $1 million if it goes ahead. The Bidwell Foundation has pledged $300,000 - but only if ground is broken by the end of next year. The library board has hired a consultant to help raise the rest of the money

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