Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Could Be Contenders

Several Dems mull run against Walker in recall. (Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, 10/11/2011)

In order of mention:

  • Jon Erpenbach  (must have missed this 2009 announcement)
  • Kathleen Falk
  • Tom Barrett
  • Kevin Conroy
  • Ron Kind
  • David Obey
  • Peter Barca

1 comment:

Brian Simons said...

* Jon Erpenbach Madison area... won't carry state.
* Kathleen Falk Madison area... won't carry state.
* Tom Barrett Failed once already.
* Kevin Conroy Madison area, but business owner... difficult road, but maybe.
* Ron Kind Better shot once people know who he is.
* David Obey Name recognition, experience, but experience can be seen as old.
* Peter Barca Been vocal during this whole mess. Maybe?

My money would be on Kind having the best shot.