Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Did Allegedly Cosmopolitan Toronto Turn Into Such a Laughingstock?

Partially answered here.

New library board proposes shutting 38 branches. (Toronto Globe and Mail, 10/28/2011)

Cost-trimming suggestions from individual members of the newly appointed Toronto Public Library Board include the idea of shuttering 38 of Toronto’s 98 branches, selling or redeveloping surplus land, selling the historic Yorkville branch and reducing the size of some other branches.

But the proposals don’t end with property issues. Others among the 23 ideas put forth verge on the bizarre, such as eliminating computers in libraries and warehousing book collections. 
[Emphasis added, obviously.]

“It’s outrageous, just outrageous,” said board vice-chair Mike Foderick, who added that the majority of the ideas originated with one director, but would not reveal who. “These ideas are totally against what the citizens of Toronto want

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