Sunday, August 14, 2011

Curmudgeonly Behavior @ Toronto City Hall

Toronto city hall snubs Malvern library ground-breaking. (Toronto Globe and Mail, 8/9/2011)

Excerpt:   It was just a ground-breaking in the suburbs, but in some small way it stood for everything city hall appears to be turning against.

At the Malvern library on a soggy Tuesday morning, local teens joined their councillor, Raymond Cho, to launch construction of a $2.25-million youth arts centre.

With $1.1-million in city cash, the project will expand the Toronto Public Library branch by 3,700-square feet to make room for a dance space, recording studio and computer training area.

Despite its seven-figure investment, the city appeared to distance itself from the event. The mayor didn’t show and city staff turned down a request to distribute a press release touting the event, according to event organizers

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