Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Responsible Citizenry" and Do-it-yourself Book Censorship

Here's an unconventional approach to library censorship.  It was submitted to the Daily Paul on April 26, 2010, by Mell_o_Drama.  (That's Ron Paul.)

Excerpt: Maybe you can't ban a book by petitioning the library NOT to carry it or embarrassing them in the newspaper for having it on their shelves, but maybe you CAN keep it OUT of the library, for 2, 3 or more weeks at a time by CHECKING THE BOOK OUT, YOURSELF.

You just go to the local library, look up sexuality & see what's on the shelf that just has no redeeming value in it & if it makes you feel better, that it is low enough where a 3' tall person can get it & check it out. Congratulations, you've just kept it out for hmmm 2 months, however long the library will allow. You'll have to have a whole network of people doing this to keep it out.

Do what you want, Just thought I'd mention it

Mell_o_Drama certainly wouldn't approve of what Tina Harden is doing.

For God sakes, don't do it if you're not good about returning books when they're due, or renewing them until you can't renew them anymore. Don't reward the library w/ overdue fines for having these books on the shelves.

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Gerard said...

If those books keep getting high circs I'm just going to buy more of them.