Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waunakee Library Director Describes Crowded Conditions

Link to March 3 Waunakee Tribune eNews article, "Waunakee library among county's smallest".

Excerpt: Susan Hedrick, Waunakee Public Library director, called that facility “the fast food restaurant of libraries,” noting that the while service is good, it lacks many amenities provided by other libraries.

Hedrick was invited to the Feb. 25 Waunakee Rotary Club meeting to discuss the village’s need for a larger library space.

She began by illustrating the space constraints there that few see. The library’s 14 employees work in an 8- by-11-foot space. The office also holds an IT (information technology) closet, along with a storage area for staff to store personal belongings while at work.

The Waunakee library shelves are full, Hedrick said, and the librarians are approaching the point where to add a new book, an existing book must be discarded.

The shelves sets are 6 feet high, and books are stored on the bottom and top shelves, making them difficult for many to reach or to even read the titles. Senior citizens also must bend down to the floor to pick out some titles, she said.

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