Friday, April 19, 2024

GET ME REWRITE: More evidence that GOP-funded candidates for school boards in Waukesha County prioritize indoctrination over education

HeadlineMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/18/2024
Soon after the election, Slinker confirmed WisRed was behind a text-message poll that asked Menomonee Falls residents whether they would support changing the district mascot back to the "Indians" — a name that was retired in 2019 as organizations like the National Congress of American Indians have said such mascots are derogatory. 
"There’s a lot of unrest from people who believe that was a mistake," Slinker said. "Every single board member that was there (in 2019) has now been removed. All seven." 
Slinker said about 59% of about 2,000 respondents said they wanted to revert to "Indians." He said he hadn't shared the results with board members but "figured they would find out."

FYI:  MAGA election denier queen Janel Brandtjen represents Menomonee Falls in the State Assembly


Waukesha County Wisconsin shows again it's not a safe place for LBGTQ+.  (7/13)

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